Fees for Visa Services in U.S.

Updated on Tuesday 24th May 2016

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All forms and taxes for immigration petitions that are submitted to Department of State are listed either at the United States Embassy or Consulate overseas, or within the United States to the National Visa Centre.

Other immigration associated forms can only be accepted by the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Our immigration lawyers in Miami can provide any type of information regarding fees for visa services in America.

Visa fees for permanent stay in U.S.

Immigrant visa application processing taxes are based on the visa category every individual applies for and are non-refundable:

•    immigrant petition for relative with I-130 form - $420;
•    employment-based application with I-140 & I-526 forms - $345;
•    inter-state adoption with I-600 & I-800 forms - $325;
•    other immigrant visa applications with I-360 form - $205.

For the non-petition-based non-immigrant visa category the fee is $160 and is applicable for:

•    individuals transiting the U.S.;
•    mass-media;
•    visitor visa for tourism, medical treatment or business;
•    students;
•    exchange visitors;
•    victim of criminal activity.

Petition based visa category costs $190 and refers to religious workers, temporary workers, athletes, musicians and intercompany transferees.

The Miami immigration attorneys remind to visa applicants that want to travel in U.S. to offer charitable services as determined by Visa Services, are free of charge, just like applicants for J visas participating in authorized U.S. government, parents or siblings of a U.S. government member killed on duty, who are travelling to attend the employee’s funerals.

Other taxes for visa services in the United States

Border crossing card fee for individuals of age 15 and over is $160 and is available for ten years. Border crossing card tax for Mexican citizens under age 15, if the parent or the protector has or is applying for a border crossing card, costs $16.

L visa fraud prevention and detection fee for visa candidate that contains L blanket petition is $500.

Please feel free to contact our immigration lawyers in Miami for any other information or guidance regarding the fees for visa services in the United States.



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