How to Renew a Green Card in Miami

Updated on Sunday 24th July 2016

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Permanent residents are required to renew their green cards in Miami if their 10 year expiry date has come up or if their green cards will expire within the following six months. 

Here is how to renew a green card in Miami:

•    Submit the online Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card;
•    File the Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card via email. Our Miami immigration attorneys can provide more details on what this application consists of.

Miami green card renewal when abroad

In case the resident is out of the U.S. and his or her green card will expire in the following maximum six months, and the resident has the intention of returning to the country in maximum one year from the date of his leave from the U.S., he or she has to file for the renewal of a green card in Miami at the time of his or her return into the country.

If the U.S. resident is abroad at the green card expiration date and he or she has not applied for the card renewal before he or she left the country, he or she has to contact the closest U.S. Consulate, U.S. port of entry or USCIS office prior to trying to file the Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card via email for the green card renewal in Miami.

Appeal in case of application denial in Miami

If a person needs to renew a green card in Miami and the renewal application is denied, the resident will be sent a letter which will indicate the reasons for the denial. The appeal of a denial is not allowed, however the renewal applicant can file a motion of reconsidering with the office which made the denial. Through submitting this type of motion, the person in question can require the USCIS to reexamine or reconsider the denial decision.

The motion of reopening has to declare the new factors provided if the case is reopened and it has to include the suitable documentary proof. Such a motion should establish that the initial denial decision was incorrect according to the law of immigration policy in the U.S. and also that the decision was incorrect based on the proof provided at the time of the initial renewal application. 

If you have to renew your green card, please get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Miami. They will provide all the necessary information and ensure the renewal application will be a successful one.


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