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Updated on Wednesday 07th June 2017

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The process of immigration in Miami applicable to Peruvian citizens is divided between two main categories of visas: immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas. The first category is addressed to citizens who want to obtain the permanent residency in Miami, U.S., while the latter refers to immigration documents granted for a determined period of time, which serve to a specific purpose, such as employment or travelling in this country. Our immigration attorney in Miami can offer legal assistance on how to obtain a specific type of visa and can provide in-depth assistance on the fees that are to be paid by the applicant. 

Non-immigrant visas in Miami  

As mentioned above, the non-immigrant visas in Miami do not offer the right to receive the American citizenship. Instead, they provide a set of rights which will enable the Peruvian citizen to perform various activities in this jurisdiction. 

Non-immigrant visas can be obtained for the following situations: 

•    tourism; 
•    business;
•    study;
•    medical treatments;
•    employment.

It is important to know that the procedure can vary depending on the type of visa requested by the applicant, but another relevant aspect refers to the age of the applicant. For example, the procedure applicable to minors under the age of 13 years old provides fewer regulations than in the case of adults applying for a visa

In this sense, we mention that minors under 13 years old may not be required to apply for a visa interview, under specific conditions, such as: 

•    the applicant is a Peruvian citizen
•    the applicant owns a permanent residency card issued by the Peruvian authorities;
•    the parents of the applicant are the owners of a valid American visa

Our team of immigration lawyers in Miami can offer advice on how to obtain a non-immigrant visa for U.S. as a minor citizen. At the same time, our attorney can provide in-depth advice on the regulations available for the applicants with an age above 80 years old. 

Immigrant visas in Miami 

Peruvian citizens can also apply for immigrant visas in Miami, which can grant the applicant the right to obtain the permanent residency or the American citizenship

The main types of visas available in this case are the following: 

•    fiancée visas;
•    employment-based visas;
•    visas available under the Diversity Visa Program

Peruvian citizens are invited to contact our Miami immigration lawyers for more details on how to obtain a visa here. 


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