Immigrate to Miami from the Dominican Republic

Updated on Friday 13th January 2017

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Dominican citizens who are interested in immigration in Miami, United States of America (USA) will need to follow a set of specific regulations in order to receive the legal right of living in U.S. Furthermore, they can apply for becoming citizens of the state and they are also entitled to obtain a job in an American company. The main institution which handles immigration matters in Miami, U.S., is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). Our immigration attorney in Miami can offer legal assistance for emigrating to U.S. from the Dominican Republic

Apply for immigration visas at the USCIS department in Santo Domingo 

The immigration process for a Dominican citizen starts at the USCIS office established in Santo Domingo. Immigrant visas applications are handled through this office, which will make appointments for the citizens when they will arrive at the U.S. Embassy

For this, the applicants will need to submit a designated form, specifying their particular immigration matter. Our immigration lawyer can offer legal assistance when completing such documents. 

Obtain a visa for Miami, US 

Dominican citizens can also relocate to Miami, U.S., by applying for a K visa, issued for marriage purposes. This is available when a Dominican citizen can provide relevant information on the relationship with an American citizen, which will be concluded through a wedding in U.S

In the situation in which the Dominican citizen has relatives in Miami, U.S., they will have to apply for a petition at the USCIS prior to the formalities for obtaining a visa

The citizens of the Dominican Republic can also obtain the right to immigrate in U.S. if they have employment interests in this country. However, it is important to know that in this situation, the American employer is required to file a petition at USCIS, providing information on the future employee. Our immigration lawyer in Miami can offer more information on the employment requirements imposed for foreigners. 

At the same time, Dominican citizens should also know that they have to pay an Immigrant Fee, but there are also several exemptions in this sense, related to the persons who require a K visa and those who qualify under the regulations of the Orphan or Hague Process

For more details on how to receive a visa for U.S., please contact our immigration lawyers in Miami



January 10, 2017

For a while now, I've been thinking to accept a job I qualify for in Miami, US, and I think I will apply for an employment based visa.

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