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Updated on Tuesday 13th June 2017

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In order to immigrate to Miami from Venezuela, the citizens of the country will need to respect a set of regulations. It is important to know that, following the political and social turmoils in Venezuela, more and more citizens are interested in relocating in the United States of America, as the applications registered by the Venezuelans increased in 2016 by 168%, according to the data provided by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Our immigration lawyer in Miami can provide legal advice related to the legal aspects on which Venezuelans can enter this country.

Immigrant visas for Venezuelans in Miami  

Persons who want to relocate to Miami, U.S., citizens of Venezuela, should know that they can obtain a visa here if they are the direct beneficiaries of a petition issued by the USCIS, as well as by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

More details on the visas available for immigrating to Miami from Venezuela are available in the following video:

Also, it is important to know that the American authorities can provide priority to certain categories of applicants, such as investors or workers. 

In other cases, it is necessary to receive a petition issued in Miami, USA. The petition can be obtained by an American employer, but also by a family member living in U.S

Family sponsored immigrant visas are available for Venezuelans citizens and their children. In this sense, the family members should file at USCIS the Form I-130. 

The employment based visas in U.S. can be obtained by a Venezuelan citizen if a local employer provides relevant information on the future employee. The employer is required to submit the Form I-140. Our immigration attorney in Miami can offer legal assistance on the employment based visas

K visa in Miami, USA

Another type of visa available for Venezuelans refers to the K visas, which are issued for marriage purposes on the American territory. This type of visa can be obtained by foreigners who are in a relationship with an American citizen and they can apply for a K-1 visa, available for fiancées

At the same time, foreigners can also apply for K-3 visa, which is available for spouses of U.S. citizens who want to relocate in Miami, USA

Foreigners interested in finding out more details on how to immigrate to Miami from Venezuela can contact our Miami immigration attorney



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