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Updated on Tuesday 01st August 2017

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British citizens may relocate from the United Kingdom (UK) to Miami, United States of America (USA) by applying for one of the visas provided by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Foreigners, including British citizens, may obtain a visa for employment or study purposes, for citizenship or for a specific situation that will allow the applicants to spend a limited amount of time on the American territory. Our immigration lawyers in Miami can offer in-depth advice on the main types of visas that can be requested by a British citizen

Non-immigrant visas in Miami  

Persons who are citizens of UK may be interested in living in Miami, U.S., for a determined period of time, in which case it is necessary to apply for a non-immigrant visa
The non-immigrant visa can be issued by the USCIS office for a wide range of legal situations, which can refer to visiting the American territory, to employment and similar matters. The American authorities can offer numerous non-immigrant visas, including for specific jobs
For example, British citizens may apply for temporary employment in Miami, U.S. and in this situation, they may obtain specific visas, such as H, L, O or P. The P visa can be employed by persons who are considered artists, painters, athletes and who will perform their work in Miami, U.S.
British persons are also allowed to enroll in a local educational institution. In this case, it is necessary to request a visa prior to starting the respective studies. Persons who want to study in USA (including exchange students) may obtain the F or M visas. Our immigration lawyer in Miami can offer more details on the documents that should be submitted by an exchange student

Immigrant visas in Miami

Those who want to permanently relocate in Miami will need to apply for an immigrant visa that will allow them to obtain the American citizenship. There are several ways through which foreigners may receive immigrant visas, the most common procedure referring to obtaining the American green card through a family member. In this sense, the persons who are considered close family members of a US citizen or of a permanent resident may obtain the green card  through a simplified procedure. The close family members refer to the following types of persons:
children under the age of 21;
UK citizens are invited to contact our Miami immigration lawyer for more details on the immigration procedures that can apply for this nationality. 


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