Transit Visa for the U.S.

Updated on Tuesday 19th July 2016

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The transit visa for the U.S., also known as the C-1 visa, is issued to individuals who are travelling through the U.S. towards another country. If travelling together with the family, each family member has to be granted a C-1 visa. This type of nonimmigrant visa is particularly useful when an individual passes through the U.S. with the only purpose to transit, for a cruise ship or yacht passenger embarking from a foreign port who passes through an U.S. port, for crewmembers of ships or aircrafts and other similar cases.

Requirements for the transit visa in the U.S.

In order to obtain the transit visa in the U.S., the following requirements have to be met:

•    The visa candidate must have a passport with a valid visa, if necessary, for the country of destination;
•    He or she has to pass in close and uninterrupted transit through the U.S.;
•    The applicant has to own a normal carrier ticket or to prove he or she has arranged the transportation in the country of destination;
•    The candidate must prove he or she has enough financial means to effectuate the transit journey;
•    He or she must have flight reservations.

Documents necessary for the transit visa for the U.S.

The documents needed for the transit visa for the U.S. are as listed below:

•    A valid passport;
•    A photo;
•    Confirmation of submitting the online DS-160 form;
•    Bank confirmation for the payment of the visa fees;
•    Letter of the interview appointment with the U.S. embassy or consulate in the applicant’s country of origin. An immigration attorney in Miami can provide further details on what this interview consists of.

Supplementary documentation for the transit visa for the U.S.

Before applying for the transit visa for the U.S., the candidate should review the application procedure for this type of visa on the website of the U.S. embassy or consulate in his or her country of residence. There might be certain additional documentation which might be required, such as:

•    Proof that the candidate’s intention is only to transit through the U.S.;
•    Evidence that the applicant is able to pay for all the expenses while in the country; and/or
•    Proof that the candidate resides in the country from which he or she applies and that he or she has the intention of returning into the country of origin. 

If you intend to transit through the country and you need a transit visa for the U.S., we can help you with the application process. Please contact our immigration lawyers in Miami.


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