Treaty Investor Visa for U.S.

Updated on Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Usually, a citizen of a foreign country who wants to enter into the U.S. has to be issued a visa. The Treaty Investor (E-2) visa for U.S. is granted for citizens who originate from countries with which the U.S. keeps treaties of commerce and navigation. 

Main activities required for the Treaty Investor visa for U.S.

To be issued the Treaty Investor visa for U.S., the applicant has to arrive in the U.S. in order to:

•    Similarly to the Treaty Trader visa, he or she has to get involved in substantial trade, comprising of trade in services or technology, in qualifying activities, mainly between the U.S. and the treaty country; or
•    cultivate and direct the activities of a business in which he or she has invested a considerable amount of capital. 

The video below provides more information on the Treaty Investor visa in Miami, U.S.:


Qualification requirements for the Treaty Investor visa for U.S.

In order to qualify for the Treaty Investor visa for U.S., the following requirements have to be met:

•    The investor, be it a person, a partnership or a corporate organization, must have the citizenship of the treaty country;
•    In case of a business, at least 50% of its shares have to be owned by individuals with the nationality of the treaty country;
•    The investment has to be considerable, with investment funds or assets committed and irrevocable. It has to be enough to bring the successful operation of the business;
•    In order to be issued the Treaty Investor visa for U.S., the investment has to be a genuine operating business, an active commercial or entrepreneurial organization. A paper business, speculative or idle investment cannot qualify. Uncommitted funds in a bank account or analogous security are not considered investments. Our Miami immigration lawyers can provide more details on this issue.
•    It has to generate considerably more income than only to support himself or herself and his/her family, or it should have a considerable economic effect in the U.S.
•    The investor should have the control over the funds and the investment has to be at risk in the commercial sense. Loans secured with the assets of the investment are not permitted.
•    The investor has to arrive to the U.S. with the intention of developing and directing the business. If he or she is not the main investor, he or she must be considered an important employee, hired on a supervisory, executive or extremely specialized skill position. Normal skilled and unskilled employees do not qualify.

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