5 Things to Consider Before Moving to Miami

Updated on Monday 16th January 2017

5 Things to Consider Before Moving to Miami Image
Persons who want to relocate to Miami, United States of America (USA) can obtain various types of visas, issued in accordance with their nationality and legal status (single, married). Persons who are interested in immigration in Miami should verify the legal grounds on which they can obtain the status of permanent resident in this region, but also the living conditions available here. Our immigration lawyers in Miami can offer legal advice on numerous inquiries related to naturalization and relocation. 

1.    Obtain a visa in Miami 

Persons who are interested in relocating in Miami, U.S., should first obtain a visa, suitable for their particular situation. The main authority which manages the procedure is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), where foreigners can analyse the types of visas issued in USA

Those who are in a relationship with an American citizen can request to immigrate to Miami on the basis of a fiancé visa

2.    Find a suitable residence in Miami 

Prior to moving to Miami, U.S., it is recommended to find a suitable place to live in, in accordance with the person’s lifestyle and budget. There are numerous residential buildings in Miami, situated close to the beach or to the centre of the city. Foreigners can rent an apartment in Miami, and it is important to know that the rental prices may vary between $ 1,300 - $ 6,500, depending on the number of rooms, facilities and location. 

At the same time, foreigners can also purchase a property here. The price of a condo in Miami can vary between $130,000 - $ 530,000, but apartments in Miami can also cost above $1,000,000.  

3.    Search for employment in Miami 

Foreigners can relocate to Miami based on an employment visa. In their case, it is no longer necessary to find a job in Miami, but in the case of other types of visas, the foreigners should search for employment on their own terms. The list of available jobs in Miami is available at miamidade.gov

4.    Find out details on the education system  in Miami  

Miami provides both private and public schools, as well as several universities. Foreigners who want to enrol in the local schooling system are allowed to do so. This is also applicable for their children. Our immigration attorney in Miami can offer in-depth details on the legal requirements for this procedure. 

5.    Register with a local bank in Miami  

It is recommended to open a bank account at a local bank in Miami, as this will be required for employment purposes
Most of the banks in Miami can set up a bank account for foreigners living here, but each bank may have its own requirements. As a general rule, banking institutions in Miami will require to provide the following documents: 

- ID card;
- passport;
- proof on the residence in Miami, U.S.

Please note that other banks may also require a Social Security number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification number.  

Foreigners interested in finding out more details on the legal aspects related to the relocation in this city are invited to contact our Miami immigration lawyer