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Common Immigration Mistakes

Common Immigration Mistakes image February 19, 2017

Foreigners who are interested in immigration in Miami, U.S., often make a set of common mistakes when applying for permanent residency or for green cards in the United States of America. In order to avoid such mistakesour immigration lawyer in Miami presents below the most common errors that have been noticed in this case. 

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Naturalization Trends in Miami, USA

Naturalization Trends in Miami, USA image February 17, 2017

Over the decades, United States of America (USA) passed through several immigration waves, determined by different policies conducted by the American government or by the socio-economic context of a foreign state, which can determine a large part of the population to relocate elsewhere. At the moment, immigration in Miami, U.S. can be represented by a certain naturalization trend, related to the locations preferred by foreigners when relocating in America, as well as on their nationality and others. Our Miami immigration attorney can offer an in-depth presentation on this subject. 

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Miami: Increasing Number of Cuban Refugees

Miami: Increasing Number of Cuban Refugees image February 2, 2017

The number of Cuban refugees entering Miami, United States of American (U.S.) increased in the last years. Those who are interested in immigration in Miami must know that the Cuban immigration to U.S. was mainly represented by two important waves, one taking place in 1960s and the other one after 1980s.  In 2008, more than 1,24 million Cubans were living in Miami, United States of America. However, a part of the Cuban immigration is also represented by refugees, who can benefit from the provisions of the Cuban Refugee Program. Our immigration attorneys in Miami can offer an in-depth presentation on the advantages provided by this Program. 

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