Immigrant A-File in Miami

Updated on Wednesday 01st June 2016

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Foreign citizens who apply for U.S. naturalization need to be aware that the naturalization process implies an immigration officer researching their immigrant A-files

The immigrant A-file in Miami is a foreign citizen file which represents the assortment of documentation kept by the Department of Homeland Security (NHS) for foreign citizens. Generally, it is comprised of all the official documents related to immigration status, citizenship or relief, as well as both documentation registered by the foreign citizen and investigations, correspondence and statements issued by the agencies. It could also be comprised of other files, like birth certificates. 

Information in the immigrant A-file in Miami

The information that is stated in the immigrant A-file in Miami can, among others, include:

•    how the lawful permanent residence was issued;
•    what other applications or forms demanding immigration benefits the foreign citizen has filed;
•    correspondence between the foreign citizen and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS);
•    internal documentation issued by USCIS officers on the eligibility for different immigration benefits;
•    criminal records, if any, correspondence among FBI and other agencies, or investigative reports and records of immigration or different enforcement acts. Our immigration lawyers in Miami  can provide further details on this matter. 

The role of the immigrant A-file in the naturalization procedure

An immigrant A-file in Miami is generated when the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) action is necessary at the beginning for a certain person. As an example, when an immigration visa is granted, the visa is transferred to an Immigrant Card Facility and an A-file is created. A lot of other occurrences necessitate the generation of an A-file, containing the commencement of an exclusion proceeding, the receipt of a request to classify an immigrant’s married partner or other type of relative for a certain benefit and others. Our immigration attorneys in Miami can give you further information on this subject.

Naturalization decision has rested for a very long time on the principle that the A-file is necessary for the candidate’s naturalization interview. It has represented a means of storage and movement of the application and related documentation or correspondence. More importantly, the A-file comprises the records of the way in which the candidate had become a permanent resident and all contacts he or she has registered with the INS. By examining the candidate’s file, the interviewer has the possibility to find out the candidate’s immigration history to decide if the candidate meets the naturalization requirements. 

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