Increasing Number of Puerto Ricans Immigrating to Miami, Florida

Updated on Monday 30th January 2017

Increasing Number of Puerto Ricans Immigrating to Miami, Florida Image
The number of Puerto Ricans who are interested in immigration in Miami increased rapidly in the last 50- 60 years. If during the 1950s the number of Puerto Ricans living in Miami Dade county was estimated at 3,000 persons (and 4,500 in the state of Florida), at the moment, there are more than one million Puerto Ricans living in Florida. Also, it is important to know that the overall number of Puerto Ricans living in Miami is estimated at 100,000 persons. Our immigration lawyer in Miami can offer more details related to immigration matters concerning Puerto Ricans

Puerto Ricans in Miami, U.S.  

Puerto Ricans represents the second largest Hispanic group of immigrants in United States of America (USA). One of the main reasons related to the increase of the Puerto Rican population in Miami, U.S., is determined by the fact that Puerto Rico’s economy is experiencing a difficult period, which has determined an exodus. 

Also, it is important to know that Puerto Ricans can enter USA without a green card, as they are considered American citizens, due to the fact that Puerto Rico represents an American territory. Our Miami immigration attorney can offer more details on the legislation applicable in this sense. 

Thus, the immigration of Puerto Ricans in Miami, U.S., is considered to be an internal immigration, as all the citizens born in Puerto Rico have the legal statute of U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents

Although the Puerto Ricans entering United States of America are at the moment the second largest group of Hispanic immigrants, the projections are showing that by 2020 they will represent the main category. 

Immigration waves in U.S.  

Puerto Ricans began to immigrate to USA following the Spanish- American war, in 1898. The numbers of Puerto Ricans entering USA started to increase once the U.S. government granted the US citizenship to the citizens of Puerto Rico, in 1917. 

At the moment, the population of Puerto Ricans in Miami, Florida, is estimated at 1,069,446 persons at the level of 2015. 

Persons who are citizens of Puerto Rico can find out more on this subject from our immigration attorney in Miami