Myths Debunked about Immigration in the U.S.

Updated on Friday 05th August 2016

Myths Debunked about Immigration in the U.S. Image
When it comes to immigration issues in Miami, there are many misconceptions and myths that come up in media, political, student or even less conventional debates. Here are a few of the most common myths about immigration in the U.S. and the facts which debunk them.

Most immigrants live illegally in the U.S.

One of the most common myths about immigration in the U.S. is that most immigrants reside illegally in the country. It is a fact however that most of the foreign inhabitants of the U.S. have abode by the immigration legislation of the country and are lawful residents. In 2013 there were in excess of 41 million foreign inhabitants residing in the U.S., out of which around 30 million individuals were naturalized citizens, green card holders or legal residents, and only 11 million were illegal immigrants.

Immigrants are a burden to the U.S. social services

It is another myth about immigration in the U.S.  Facts are that, actually, by paying taxations and Social Security, immigrants contribute with a higher amount to government taxes than the amount they need in social services. According to a recent study made by the Institute of Taxation & Economic Policy, illegal immigrants alone in the U.S. contribute with almost USD 12 billion yearly to state and local tax coffers, with around 11 million illegal immigrants living in the country in 2013.  Our Miami immigration lawyers can offer more details on this matter. 

Immigrants occupy American citizens’ jobs 

It is a fact that immigrants actually help generate new jobs instead of taking job opportunities from American citizens. Not only do immigrants help the local economy by buying products made on the local markets, which helps create jobs, but also a lot of times they start their own businesses. Studies prove that immigrants are twice as likely to open their own businesses as compared to American citizens, and businesses owned by immigrants are more open to hire workers than U.S. ones.

Immigrants to not pay taxes in the U.S.

A myth about immigration in the U.S. is that immigrants do not pay taxes in the U.S. In fact, immigrants pay around USD 90 to USD 140 billion yearly in taxes, with every single one of them paying sales taxes on goods they buy and real estate taxations on the homes they acquire or rent, with more than 50% of undocumented immigrant families filing income tax returns utilizing Individual Tax Identification Numbers.

Our immigration attorneys in Miami specialize in the complex issues regarding immigration in the U.S. If you would like to immigrate in the U.S., we invite you to contact us for legal guidance and advice.