Obtaining a Travel Document in Miami

Updated on Saturday 27th May 2017

Obtaining a Travel Document in Miami Image
Persons who are interested in matters related to immigration in Miami can obtain a travel document in certain conditions. The applicable legislation stipulates three types of categories of travel documents, which are compulsory when entering the American territory. Our immigration lawyer in Miami can assist in the procedure of obtaining one of the travel documents available here. 

Types of travel documents in Miami 

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can issue three types of travel documents, as follows:

•    Advance Parole;
•    Refugee Travel Document;
•    Re-Entry Permit

In order to apply for one of the above mentioned papers, the applicants are required to submit at USCIS the Form I-131, Application for Travel Document

Advance Parole in Miami  

The Advance Parole Document is suitable for persons admitted on the American territory on a temporary parole. The document can successfully replace a visa in Miami in the situation in which the applicant has already applied for other types of documents which are still processed by the local authorities. For example, this type of document can be issued when the person is waiting for his or her Application to Register Permanent Residence. Our immigration attorney in Miami can offer legal assistance on the application requirements. 

Refugee Travel Document in Miami 

The Refugee Travel Document can only be requested by persons who have received the refugee or asylee status. At the same time, the document is available for foreigners who were granted a green card on the American territory, under their legal statute of refugees or asylees

The document is required when departing from Miami, U.S., on a temporary basis and it is requested during the re-entry procedures. It is important to know that if the refugee/asylee does not own a valid Refugee Travel Document, his or her admission in the country may be denied. 

Another compulsory action during the application refers to the biometrics appointment, on which USCIS will provide relevant information. The appointment will be held at the USCIS Application Support Center

Persons interested in obtaining a travel document in USA are invited to contact our Miami immigration lawyer for tailored assistance in this matter.