How to Obtain a Permanent Residence in Miami (Family-Based)

Updated on Sunday 07th March 2021

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United States of America (USA) offers a wide range of visas, to which citizens from around the world can apply to. The criteria on which such visas are issued may vary in accordance with the nationality of the applicants. Persons interested in receiving a resident permit in Miami, USA can receive a family based visa; our immigration lawyers in Miami can offer assistance or legal advice on this matter and any other aspect related to immigration issues.  We will also guide you in applying for a residence permit in USA.

The video below shows the main steps to follow in order to obtain family-based residence in Miami, USA

Family-based residence permit in Miami

A family-based residence permit is issued only for foreign citizens who have family members living in USA. This type of permit is available for relatives of American citizens or American residence permit holders living in Miami, USA

The American legislation stipulates that the family-based visa is issued according to with the applicant’s relationship with the family member living in USA. As such, a family based residence permit can be issued on a permanent basis fom close members – parents, spouse, or children. More distant relatives can also obtain a family based visa, but the conditions may vary, including the duration of the issuance of the document; our immigration attorney in Miami can provide you with more details on this topic. We will also advise on how to apply for USA citizenship.

Types of family-based visas in Miami in 2021

In order to receive a permanent residence in Miami in 2021, the applicant will have to apply for a visa petition, which can also be requested by the American citizen who is related to the applicant. After this, the applicant will file for a green card application, which will be analyzed by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

The Immigration and Nationality Act prescribes two main categories of visas

•    Immediate Relative;
•    Family Preference.

Family Preference visas are issued for close relatives as well, but the qualification conditions have a wider area or applicability. 

Immediate Relative visas are issued for the following close family members:

•    spouse of an American citizen;
•    child under 21 years old (unmarried);
•    orphan child of a U.S. citizen or orphan who will be adopted by an U.S. citizen;
•    parent of an American citizen

Family-based visas can also lead to USA citizenship.

Regulations for spouses of American citizens

Persons who have the statute of a spouse of an American citizen is entitled to obtaining the permanent residency in Miami, U.S in 2021, as mentioned above. At the same time, it is important to know that the spouses of persons who have received the Green Card holder statute may also apply under the same regulations, but the procedure may differ to a certain degree. 

However, in both cases, the legal requirements stipulate to complete the Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, and the Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status, in the situation in which the spouse is on the American territory at the moment when the application is being made. 

In the case in which the spouse is living outside the American territory, then the applicant will only be required to file the Form I-130

When filing for the above mentioned, the American citizen will be required to provide legal documents that would demonstrate the persons’current status. 

U.S. citizens will need to provide one of the following documents: 

•    copy of the U.S. passport;
•    copy of the American birth certificate;
•    copy of the Consular Report of Birth Abroad;
•    copy of the naturalization certificate;
•    copy of the citizenship certificate. 

Easiness of obtaining permanent residency based on family reunification in 2021

It is very easy to obtain family-based permanent residency in Miami in 2021, as there are no restrictions to the number of greed cards issued this way. Moreover, for those who have family members living here, it is easy to have their relatives apply for visas.

What should be noted about Miami's family-based permanent residency is the minimum income requirement imposed for the US sponsor in the State of Florida at the level of 2021, however, our lawyers can provide information on it.

For guidance on how to apply for a Green Card based on family reunification in Miami in 2021, our lawyers are at your disposal.
If you need further information on the family based permanent residence in America, please contact our Miami immigration lawyer, who can offer you legal assistance on the process of receiving a residence permit in USA.