Immigrate to USA from Chile

Updated on Wednesday 17th March 2021

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In order to immigrate to USA from Chile, the citizens of this jurisdiction will need special immigration documents that will allow them to enter the country for a specific purpose. The American authorities provide numerous types of visas, which can be issued for a short-term purpose or a long-term purpose. In this sense, we mention that the foreigners may apply for immigrant visas or for non-immigrant visas and our team of immigration lawyers in Miami can offer in-depth details on the types of documents available for Chilean citizens

Immigrant visas in Miami  

One of the legal options available for Chilean citizens refer to the issuance of immigrant visas. These types of documents can help foreigners to obtain the permanent residency in Miami, U.S. At the same time, through an immigrant visa, a foreigner can apply for the American residency

There are several categories of immigration visas, which can be obtained on several legal grounds. The main categories are as follows: 

•    family - based visas;
•    fiancé visas;
•    employment – based visas;
•    visas issued under the Diversity Visa Program;
•    Returning Resident Visa

A fiancé visa can be obtained by a Chilean citizen if he or she can prove a continuous relationship with an American citizen. Foreigners can also obtain a visa under the Diversity Visa Program, administered by the Department of State. 

Through the program, foreign citizens can obtain the permanent residency in Miami, U.S. It is important to know that the local authorities can only issue 50,000 visas on an annual basis under the Diversity Visa Program. Our immigration attorney in Miami can offer more details on this program and can help you move to USA from Chile.

Non-immigrant visas in Miami  

Chilean citizens may also obtain non-immigrant visas in Miami. These types of documents can be issued for various short-term purposes, such as employment, studies, travelling and others. 

The non-immigrant visas issued here will not offer eligibility for other immigration related matters, such as citizenship or permanent residency. The recipient of the document will be entitled to live in Miami, U.S., for the period prescribed under the visa he or she received. 

Please contact our Miami immigration lawyer for more details on the visas available here. If you intend to immigrate to USA from Chile, our lawyers can offer tailored legal assistance.