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Updated on Monday 18th January 2021

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Florida is one of the most beautiful American States which is why numerous persons from all over the world who immigrate to the US choose it. Miami is not the only city immigrants can move to, as the state offers plenty of relocation opportunities, among which Hialeah is located in Miami-Dade County and which is the sixth-largest city in Florida.

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Florida can rely on our immigration lawyer in Hialeah if they decide for this city. Below, we present the main immigration services available in Hialeah and how our lawyers can be of help in the process. Our local lawyers can also provide support in applying for USA citizenship.

Immigration services in Hialeah

Immigration in Miami implies the same procedure no matter if one decides to move to this city or its metropolitan area which also includes Hialeah. However, it is best to have the support of local professionals in order to skip coming and going from one city to the other. This is why our immigration lawyer in Hialeah is at the service of those who want to move here.

Here are some of the immigration services available for those who decide to relocate to Hialeah:
  1. advice on the legal requirements associated with the visas that can be obtained for the US;
  2. tailored advice on the specific laws of Florida and immigration requirements based on the country of residence of the visa applicant;
  3. assistance in preparing the documents for immigration to Hialeah, Florida;
  4. legal support in visa refusal on various grounds, deportation or not meeting the requirements for immigrating to the US;
  5. assistance in moving to Hialeah for work, family reunification, or any other reason;
  6. assistance in applying for a Green Card once all the conditions for this type of permit are met.

Our immigration lawyer in Miami can also help those who want to relocate to other parts of the state. For example, if you decide to move to North Miami, you can rely on tailored support there. If you want to apply for a residence permit in USA, you can rely on us.

How to apply for a visa with the help of our immigration lawyer in Hialeah

The US legislation is quite comprehensive when it comes to the types of visas one can apply for. However, choosing the right type of residence permit is not the only aspect to consider when immigrating to Miami.

A foreign citizen who wants to move here can rely on our immigration lawyer in Hialeah who can explain details such as:
  • the types of documents required in accordance with the requirements applicable to his/her home country;
  • where to file the visa application papers and how to prepare for the immigration interview;
  • if there are specific quotas imposed on the country of residence of the applicant;
  • how to move to Hialeah with family members or for employment purposes.

One of the most important aspects our immigration lawyer in Hialeah can provide support for is the type of visa most suitable for a foreign citizen who wants to move to the USA and how to increase their chances of relocation.
Our immigration lawyers in Miami treat each case individually, so all applicants enjoy the opportunities this country has to offer. We will also help you apply for USA citizenship.

How to obtain a Green Card in Hialeah, Florida

Immigration to Miami can be an easy or difficult process, depending on how the applicant meets the Green Card requirements. This is where our immigration lawyer in Hialeah can make a difference by offering the necessary information in the first stage, followed by the preparation of the immigration documents together with the applicant. Once the application dossier is ready, our lawyer will periodically inform the candidate about the status of his or her application.

Immigration to the USA should not be a difficult process for persons interested in obtaining or renewing their Green Cards and our lawyers in Miami can do their best for that to happen.

Why choose our immigration services in Hialeah?

The main mission of our immigration lawyer in Hialeah is to make sure the visa applicant understands the steps he or she must complete, the documents the respective person must prepare, and how to present themselves during the immigration interview.

We provide tailored support to those who want to move to Florida and apply for a residence permit in USA.


Moving to Hialeah

Those who decide to Hialeah will enjoy living in one of the most beautiful parts of Florida. According to the official website of the City of Hialeah:
  • in 2017, the number of inhabitants of this city was 239,673 persons;
  • the median age of those living here is 46.5 years, slightly higher than the rest of the state;
  • more than 94% of the people living here are of Hispanic origin;
  • 73.37% of the immigrants living here are of Cuban descent.

Please contact our immigration lawyer in Hialeah for guidance on how to obtain a US visa for moving to Florida.