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Updated on Monday 18th January 2021

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Immigrating to the US has many advantages, as foreign citizens have several options when it comes to the visas they can apply for. One of the greatest states to immigrate to is sunny Florida, and Miami has been the option of many foreigners in the past few years.

One of the best places to move to is Miami Beach and if you need assistance our immigration lawyer in Miami is at your disposition with complete support. Below, we present the main services we provide if you want to move to Miami and even apply for USA citizenship.

Services provided by our Miami Beach immigration lawyer

Miami Beach is a resort city located in Miami-Dade County and as such it attracts a great number of tourists but also foreign citizens who want to move here. For the latter, our Miami Beach immigration lawyer offers the following services:
  1. legal advice on how to choose the appropriate type of visa depending on his/her immigration reasons;
  2. assistance in moving to Miami Beach-based on an employment contract;
  3. guidance in applying for asylum protection and refugee visas;
  4. assistance in obtaining a Green Card, permanent residency and US citizenship;
  5. legal representation in visa refusal proceedings;
  6. assistance in other immigration situations, such as bond hearings and deportation.

The legal counseling offered by our Miami Beach immigration lawyer will be tailored to the specific needs of the client, including those related to obtaining a residence permit in USA.

In the infographic below you can find listed the services provided by our immigration lawyer in Miami Beach:
Immigration Lawyer in Miami Beach

Types of visas you can obtain when immigrating to Miami Beach

The US legislation is quite comprehensive when it comes to immigrating to this country. Apart from the national laws, there are also state regulations that apply to those moving to a specific part of the country. This is why when it comes to immigration to Miami, Florida, the assistance of a lawyer who can present all the conditions and particularities of this state is quite important.

With the help of our Miami Beach immigration lawyer, applicants can obtain any of the following visas:
  • employment-based visas;
  • business-related visas;
  • fiancé visas;
  • family reunification visas;
  • immigrant visas;
  • marriage visas;
  • student visas.

Each type of residence permit requires specific documentation and our immigration lawyers in Miami can help you prepare it.

If you plan to move to this coastal city, your case will be taken by our Miami Beach immigration lawyer who will provide a list of the documents you need to submit with the US Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence. We will also guide you through the USA citizenship application procedure.

Asylum and refugee visas in Miami

Citizens with uncertain immigration statuses can qualify as asylum-seekers and refugees and if they manage to enter the US and arrive in Florida, one of our immigration attorneys in Miami can take over their cases and file the paperwork related to solutioning and clarifying their situations.

Our Miami Beach immigration lawyer will keep them updated on every step of the process which, without the help of an experienced attorney, can prolong for quite some time.

Applying for residence permits in Miami Beach

It is impossible not to love to live in Miami, which is why many foreigners who already live here try to move to Miami Beach permanently. The application for a Green Card can be prepared by our immigration lawyer in Miami who can represent the candidate in relation to the authorities.

The preparation of the documents, the submission, and the pending application procedures can be overseen by our lawyers who can provide updates on the status or change in the application status.

Why choose our Miami Beach immigration lawyer?

No matter the type of visa sought, the presence of an immigration lawyer who lives in the city one plans to move to is crucial.  This is why our Miami Beach immigration lawyer can represent immigrants and non-immigrants, no matter their case. Moreover, we can provide assistance in everything related to the immigration procedure after obtaining the visa, among which registration with the relevant authorities, which is crucial for correct integration.

Our immigration lawyers in Miami also offer representation with the  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for complicated cases. We will also offer tailored support in applying for a residence permit in USA.

Moving to Miami Beach

According to demographics, from an economic point of view, Miami Beach:
  • the current population of Miami Beach counts almost 93,000 inhabitants;
  • the average age of the population is 42.1;
  • companies here employ around 52,800 persons;
  • the average property value in this city is 416,700 USD.

If you are interested in immigration to Miami, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers. Our Miami Beach immigration lawyer can help you obtain any type of visa and clarify visa-related issues, including through court representation.