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Updated on Wednesday 17th March 2021

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Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to the United States have various means through which they can do that. One of the simplest ways to do that is to apply for a Green Card.

The Green Card can also be obtained by those who want to move to USA from Norway and who meet the relocation criteria. These can also benefit from Visa Waiver Program (VWP) under which they can travel to the US without applying for a visa. However, these travels only apply to certain situations.

Below, our immigration law firm in Miami invites you to discover how to relocate to USA from Norway. We can help you move here under various types of visas.

The Visa Waiver Program for Norwegian citizens traveling to USA

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) can be used by those who want to move to USA from Norway for periods of less than 3 months. This program can be used for tourism or business purposes and those who stay here during this time can later make a decision on whether the country suits their interests of permanently relocating here.

What is important to note about the VWP is that after the visa obtained through it expires, the holder must file an application for a non-immigrant or immigrant visa depending on how long he or she wants to prolong the stay.

With the help of our immigration lawyer in Miami, a person who wants to relocate to USA from Norway can do that without any problem.

Visas for individuals seeking to move to USA from Norway permanently

Immigrating from Norway to USA is subject to similar requirements applying to other European nationalities. Norwegian citizens can apply for any of the following types of visas if they want to establish themselves in the USA:
  1. the Green Card based on employment which relies on a work contract;
  2. the Green Card based on family immigration when a family member is settled in the US;
  3. the spouse visa that can be obtained by one or both spouses seeking to move to USA from Norway;
  4. the Diversity Immigrant Visa which is available in Florida and is perfect for Norwegian citizens as there aren’t many people from this country living here;
  5. the Green Card Lottery is also a program under which people can immigrate to USA from Norway.

Our immigration lawyers in Miami are at the service of all those who want to move to USA from Norway. We can also help those who plan to immigrate here from other European countries, such as Germany, France, Sweden, or Denmark.

Documents required when relocating to USA from Norway

Those who want to move to USA from Norway must prepare various documents in accordance with the type of visa requested. A valid passport is mandatory in every situation and our immigration lawyer in Miami advises on having a minimum validity of at least one year at the time of the application because of the processing time that varies for each type of visa.

Immigrating from Norway to USA through employment implies obtaining a job offer and work contract before the visa application is submitted by the US employer. Then, the Norwegian citizen must also file various documents on his end prior to moving here. However, due to the fact that most of the procedure is completed by the USA company hiring him or her, the process is easier on the immigrant.

What should be noted about immigration through employment is that the work contract will be drafted under the guidelines of the US Department of Labor.

Another procedure that implies a two-end immigration procedure is related to spousal sponsorship. Those who move to USA from Norway to reunite with the US spouse must wait for the person in the US to file for the visa. In this case, the spouse who already lives in the US must also meet certain income requirements that depend on state to state.

The documents required to relocate to the US from Norway depend very much on the selected type of visa. This will also influence the visa issuance timeframe, which is why it should be noted that:
  • it can take between 10 and 13 months for the Green Card to be obtained when the spouse lives in the US;
  • in case both spouses live abroad and want to immigrate together, the procedure can take 11 and 17 months;
  • in case the sponsor is a permanent resident of the US and he/she lives here, the other spouse can be granted in approximately 2 years.

This is one of the main reasons to consider the best option when seeking to move to USA from Norway. It should be noted that the period might extend if documents are missing or expired, which is why consulting a lawyer is very helpful.

If you need support during and after relocating here from Norway, do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyer in Miami.