P Visa for the U.S.

Updated on Tuesday 06th September 2016

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The P visa for the U.S. is a nonimmigrant visa which enables individuals, team athletes or members of an entertainment group, as well as artists and entertainers to work on a temporary basis in the U.S. 

The P visa for the U.S. includes four classifications: the P-1, P-2, P-3 and P-4 visas. The family members of a P visa holder can also reside in the U.S. while he or she is in the U.S. and in order to do so they must obtain the P-4 visa. A Miami immigration lawyer is qualified to provide more information regarding the P-4 visa requirements. 
Individuals that offer essential suport services to athletes or entertainment groups can also be issued this type of visa for the U.S.


Qualification Requirements for the P-1 visa in the U.S.

P-1 visas in the U.S. are issued for athletes and athletic teams which have been internationally acknowledged with superior achievements over a continuous and long time, as well as for internationally acknowledged over a continuous and long time entertainment companies. An immigration lawyer in Miami can provide more details on this matter. 

For entertainment companies, every performer who applies for the P-1 visa should have been a member of the group for at least 12 months. A exception worth mentioning is that 25% of the group members can be exempt from this requirement. This criteria can be also waived in certain cases, for example if because of an illness or another unforeseeable circumstance, a critical team member cannot travel.

Extension of stay with the P visa for the U.S.

According to the current immigration legislation, with the P visa for the U.S., the visa holder can apply for an extension of stay to finish or continue the activity stated in the initial petition.

In this case, the company which hired the visa holder or the U.S. sponsor has to file a request to extend the validity of the employee’s or sponsored person’s P visa, as well as a request to extend the P visa employee’s authorized duration of stay in the U.S.

A person who has been issued a P visa for the U.S. can extend their stay in the U.S. for maximum five years for each extension request, for a total of maximum 10 years.

If you are interested in acquiring the P visa for the U.S., we recommend you to consult one of our Miami immigration lawyers for a complete personal eligibility examination, and for guidance on the application procedure; please do feel free to contact us.