Relocate to USA from Uruguay

Updated on Friday 19th March 2021

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The citizens of Uruguay who want to relocate to Miami, U.S. need to obtain visas issued by the American authorities. A visa is a document which allows a foreign national to visit or live in Miami, U.S. and it must be requested by the applicant at the American embassy, currently situated in Montevideo, the capital-city of Uruguay. Our immigration attorney in Miami can assist Uruguayan citizens in obtaining a visa for relocation purposes, depending on their specific situation.  We will also help you apply for a residence permit in USA. In case you want to relocate to USA from Uruguay, you can rely on our team of lawyers.

How to apply for relocation in Miami 

Foreign citizens may relocate in Miami, U.S. for a determined or an undetermined period of time. By applying for an immigrant visa issued by the American institutions, the foreign citizens will be able to benefit from other rights, deriving from such documents. For example, they are entitled to become American citizens. However, they must meet specific requirements to obtain USA citizenship.
As a general rule, in case you want to immigrate to USA from Uruguay, you will need to be sponsored by a party living in the United States of America. A sponsor can be one of the following entities:
a U.S. citizen;
a person who has received the status of lawful permanent resident in Miami, U.S. and who is related to the applicant (a close relative);
a U.S. employer
The immigration procedure for the all the above mentioned entities will start by filling a petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the name of the foreign citizen. Our immigration lawyers in Miami can offer in-depth assistance on the main criteria that have to be respected by the sponsor of a U.S. visa.  

We will also guide you in applying for USA citizenship.


Types of visas in Miami, U.S. 

The Uruguayans who are interested in immigration in Miami on a long-term basis may apply for certain types of visas, as presented below:
fiance(e) visa;
Diversity Visa;
Returning Resident Visa
Each type of visa will require foreigners to provide various types of documents that will attest their eligibility for each program. The Diversity Visa program is established under the regulations of the Immigration Act 1990 and it is set up as a lottery awarded yearly to 55,000 persons who are citizens of the countries which have low immigration rates in USA
The citizens of Uruguay are invited to contact our Miami immigration lawyer for futher information on the immigrant visas granted to foreigners, including applying for a residence permit in USA. Do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyers if you want to relocate to USA from Uruguay.