Temporary Worker Visa for the US

Updated on Tuesday 19th January 2021

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Temporary worker visas for the U.S. are issued to foreign citizens who intend to come to the country to work on a temporary basis. According to the immigration legislation in Miami, these types of visas are not permanent or indefinite. Prior to applying for them, the employer must file a petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 

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Types of temporary worker visas in the U.S.

There are different types of temporary worker visas in the U.S. These are as follows:

•    H visas and their subcategories;
•    L visa: for intracompany transferees. It is issued for individuals who intend to work at a branch, affiliate or subsidiary of their existing employer in a management or executive position;
•    O visa: for individual with extraordinary talent or accomplishment. For individuals with such talents or accomplishments in the motion picture or television industries;
•    P visas and their subcategories;
•   Q-1 visa: participants in an international cultural exchange program. It is obtained for practical training and employment, as well as for sharing the culture, history and customs of the applicant’s country of origin by taking part in an international cultural exchange program. An immigration attorney in Miami can provide more details on these visas, as well as on USA citizenship.

Obligations of the employer in the U.S.

An employer has to file a petition with the Department of Labor for a labor certification before the foreign citizen applies for a temporary work visa in the U.S. The employer has to prove to the U.S. authorities that the local employees are not available to occupy the position and that the salary and work conditions are according to the regional standards.

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Legal assistance on the temporary work visas in the U.S.

Temporary work visas for the U.S. enable foreign citizens to come and work in the U.S. when they possess prized knowledge and skills. They can also perform, entertain or teach on a temporary basis in the country. In order to obtain these types of visas, both the employer, as well as the employee, have to meet certain requirements. Since the processes and documentation necessary in order to obtain them tend to be quite complex, it is recommended to seek the advice of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer in Miami who can help make the process easier and offer a higher chance of a visa approval.

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