The Employment Eligibility Verification Form in the U.S.

Updated on Tuesday 13th December 2016

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The Employment Eligibility Verification Form in the U.S. Image
Foreign workers searching for employment in Miami, United States of America (USA) have to respect several regulations in order to receive the right of being employed in a local company. The main institution which regulates immigration related legal aspects has recently enacted a new regulation related to the eligibility of foreign personnel employed in US. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) modified the Form I-9, the Employment Eligibility Verification. The new version of the document must be used by employers starting with January 2017. Our team of immigration attorneys in Miami can assist with in-depth information related to the new regulations imposed for the Form 1-9

The legal usage of Form I-9

The main use of the Form I-9 is related to the verification of the eligibility of a future employee in an American company. The document is used to verify the identity of the person and his or her eligibility for working in a certain company. 

The Form I-9 is a document operated by the USCIS and all employers in Miami, USA, are required to fill in a document for each new foreign employee. Our law firm in Miami can provide more details related to the Form I-9.  

Form I-9: requirements for employers and employees 

Employers are required to verify the above mentioned aspects and report them to USCIS by filling the Form I-9 within three days since the employment was registered. If this regulation is not respected, the employers can be fined by the Department of Labor

The employees are required to provide relevant documents attesting their capabilities and identity, as well as to be able to prove that they have received the right to work in US

Such documents have to be submitted in their original form, as the photocopies are not accepted for this procedure. Still, it is important to know that the regulation is not applicable in the case of a birth certificate, as the local legislation stipulates that certified copies of the document are accepted. 

The Form I-9 is compulsory for foreigners who have received the employment visa. However, the document is not required in the case of volunteers working in USA, as well as for employees who have signed a contract in USA

Persons who are interested in finding our more information on the employment eligibility verification form are invited to contact our naturalization lawyers in Miami