Visa for Intra-Company Transfer in the US

Updated on Saturday 21st August 2021

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The visa for intra-company transfer in the US, or the L-1A visa, allows a US employer to transfer an executive or manager from one of its affiliated offices abroad to one of its offices inside the country. This type of visa also enables a foreign firm that does not have an affiliated office in the US to send an executive or a manager to the country with the aim of forming one. If you do not qualify for this type of visa, you might want to apply for the investor visa

The residence permit in USA is quite easy to obtain through an investor visa.

Requirements for the Intra-Company Transfer Visa in US

In order to qualify for the visa for intra-company transfer, there are certain requirements that the employer has to meet. These are:

•    To have a qualifying relationship with a foreign company (parent firm, branch, subsidiary or affiliate, known as qualifying organizations); and
•    To be in business, presently or in the near future, as an employer in the US and minimum one other country directly or by a qualifying organization while the visa candidate will live in the US. Our immigration lawyers in Miami can give you more details on this matter. 

The requirements for the employee who applies for the visa for intra-company transfer are:

•    To have been working for a qualifying organization outside the US for one full year in the last three years before his or her admission in the country; and
•    To have the intention of coming into the US in order to render service as an executive or manager for a branch of the same employer or one of its qualifying organizations.

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Intra-company transfer visas are also available for those who relocate to USA from UK.

New Office in US

If the foreign employer wants to send an employee to the US as an executive or manager to launch a new office, the employer also has to prove that:

•    Adequate physical locations for the new office were secured. Our immigration attorneys in Miami can help you with this issue;
•    The employee has been working as an executive or manager for one full year in the last three years before filing the visa application; and
•    The new office in US will ensure an executive or managerial job within one year after the visa approval. 

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Duration of Stay in the US

Employees who are qualified and come to the US to open a new office can initially stay in the US with the visa for intra-company transfer for maximum one year. All the other employees who are qualified can initially stay in the country for up to three years. For intra-company transfer visa holders, requests for stay extensions could be issued in increments of maximum two supplementary years, until the visa holder stayed for up to seven years in the US.

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