Visa for Medical Treatments in the U.S.

Updated on Tuesday 19th January 2021

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The visa for medical treatments in the U.S., or the Tourism and Visit (B-2) nonimmigrant visa, is issued for foreign citizens looking for medical care in the United States. Medical services in this country tend to be rather expensive when compared to other countries, therefore the U.S. legislation does not grant such a visa for a person who might become a public charge, requiring medical treatments at the expense of federal, state or local governmental bodies in the U.S. 

In order to qualify for a visa for medical treatments in the U.S., if you are aged between 14 and 79 years, you will most likely be required to sustain an interview with a consular officer at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country or origin. You will be required to present certain information during this interview to prove that you will not receive medical treatments at the expense of a governmental agency in the U.S. and that you are otherwise eligible for this type of visa. In case you need to obtain another type of visa for the U.S., for example a transit visa, we can help you.

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General documentation that is needed for the visa for medical treatments in the U.S.

Before the visa interview, the candidate should gather the following documentation:

•    A passport – valid for minimum six months beyond your duration of stay in the U.S.;
•    A nonimmigrant visa application;
•   An application payment receipt, if you are requested to effectuate the payment of a non-refundable visa application fee;
•    A photo.

More details on the visa for medical treatments in Miami, U.S. are available in the video below:


It should be noted that the medical treatment visa cannot be used for obtaining USA citizenship.

Additional documentation for the medical treatment visa in the U.S.

The additional documentation needed in order to receive the visa for medical treatments in the U.S. should be reviewed on the website of the embassy or consulate of the candidate’s country of origin. Such additional documents for this type of nonimmigrant visa might include evidence of:

•    The purpose of the candidate’s visit in the U.S.;
•    The candidate’s intention to leave from the U.S. after the visit. Our Miami immigration lawyers can provide you further details on this type of documents; and/or
•    The applicant’s ability to pay all the costs of his or her visit;
•     A medical diagnosis issued by a doctor from the candidate’s country, describing the nature of the disease and why he or she needs treatment in the U.S.;
•    A letter from a doctor or a medical facility from the United States, declaring that they want to treat the candidate’s specific illness and explaining the length and price of the treatment (containing the fees of the doctor, hospitalization fees and other medical costs);
•    The fact that the visa applicant’s transportation, medical and living costs in the U.S. will be paid. Such a proof can be presented in the form of bank or other income/saving statements or certified copies of income tax returns (from the candidate or the individual or organization paying for the medical treatment).

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