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Updated on Saturday 17th June 2017

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Citizens of Brazil can obtain a non-immigrant visa for Miami, U.S., if they are interested in spending a determined period of time on the American territory. At the same time, they may also apply for permanent residency in America, following a different procedure, on which our immigration lawyers in Miami can provide legal advice. Brazilian citizens can obtain a specific visa based on their needs, which can be related to travelling in USA, studying, temporary employment and others. 

Non-immigrant visas in Miami  

The non-immigrant visa is issued for immigration in Miami which has a temporarily basis. The document will allow the Brazilian citizen to perform his or her immigration purpose and thus, it is necessary to obtain the documents prior to making any arrangements in Miami, U.S

Those who want to travel in Miami, U.S., will require the issuance of a B-2 visa. Brazilian citizens who are interested in travelling in the United States of America need this this type of visa to enter the American territory. In the situation in which the Brazilian citizen will travel with his or her relatives (spouse or children), the other parties will also need a valid visa when entering this jurisdiction. Our Miami immigration lawyer can provide more information on this matter. 

More details on the immigration visas available for Brazilian citizens are available in the video below: 


Requirements for the B-2 visa for Brazilian citizens  

When applying for a travel visa in Miami, U.S., the Brazilian citizen will have to provide the following documents:

•    DS -160 form; 
•    the payment of the application fee;
•    a valid passport; 
•    a photo following the requirements of the State Department.

It is important to know that the above mentioned documents will not provide a guarantee on the visa approval. The application will also include an interview with the consular office, which might require further documentation, related to the ability to cover the expenses incurred during the travel in USA

At the same time, the consular interview may also require proof on the applicant’s commitments in the country where he or she resides, such as employment, property and any other relevant aspects. 

Citizens of Brazil who want to obtain other types of visas in USA are invited to contact our immigration attorney in Miami for more details on this subject.  


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