The Cuban Adjustment Act

Updated on Tuesday 17th January 2017

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Cuban citizens who are interested in matters related to immigration in Miami can enter the United States of America (USA) under special regulations. The Cuban citizens have a special statute amongst the citizens of other countries who want to obtain a visa for Miami, US, under the provisions of the Cuban Adjustment Act 1966. The Act establishes that, once the Cubans received the right to stay in US, after a period of one year since they entered the country, they will have the right to apply for permanent residency. Our immigration attorney in Miami can offer an in-depth presentation on the provisions of the Cuban Adjustment Act

Regulations of the Cuban Adjustment Act 

The Cuban Adjustment Act is the main legal document available for Cuban citizens who want to obtain a Green Card in Miami, US. The Act is applicable to both Cuban citizens, as well as Cuban natives, and it applies to the person’s close relatives, such as spouses and children who may want to relocate to USA

The eligibility criteria available under the Cuban Adjustment Act are the following: 

•    the Cuban citizens have been living in Miami, US, for a period of minimum one year;
•    they have been admitted or paroled;
•    they received the status of immigrants.

Those who want to receive the permanent residency in Miami, US, will have to file the Form I- 485Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Our immigration lawyer in Miami can offer legal assistance in this process. 

Documents to submit with the Form I-485 

When applying for the Green Card as a Cuban citizen, the persons will need to submit a set of documents, as follows: 

•    two passport photos;
•    a copy of the birth certificate;
•    submit the Form G-325A – Biographic Information (available in the situation in which the applicant is having an age between 17 -79 years old);
•    Form I-693 (a Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record);
•    Form I-96 (Arrival/Departure Record);
•    evidence stating that the Cuban citizen has been living in Miami, US for at least one year. 

Cuban citizens are invited to contact our naturalization lawyer in Miami for more details related to the Cuban Adjustment Act



January 12, 2017

Cuban immigration to US increased rapidly in the last years, as far as I know.

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