Moving to USA from Dubai

Updated on Friday 12th August 2022

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The United States is an appealing immigration destination even for citizens from wealthy countries in the Middle East, such as the UAE. These can be attracted by the bustling life here and the opportunities of starting a business in one of the most liberal countries in the world.

Moving to USA from Dubai is not complicated, and for UAE citizens who want to enjoy similar weather like the one in their home country, Miami can be a great choice for a new home.

Below, we invite you to discover how our immigration lawyers in Miami can help you relocate to US from Dubai.

What to consider when moving to USA from Dubai

Citizens of UAE who want to immigrate to the United States from UAE, Dubai must consider various aspects before applying for a visa. Among these:
  1. the US visa system requires choosing between multiple types of residence permits;
  2. choosing a type of visa must be completed based on certain criteria, among which the immigration reason is quite important;
  3. the visa application procedure must be started as soon as a decision has been made because it can take more than one year before moving to USA from Dubai;
  4. the legal assistance of an immigration lawyer who can explain how to prepare for relocating here.

Those who decide to immigrate to Miami can rely on the services provided by our law firm who is at your service no matter the type of visa you want to apply for (business visa, spouse visa for US, tourist visa, etc.)

Popular types of visas when seeking to immigrate to USA from Dubai

US visas can be divided into two large categories, non-immigrant and immigrant ones. However, the most popular one is the Green Card, as many citizens moving to USA from Dubai are interested in permanent relocations.

UAE citizens who want to relocate to US from UAE can obtain Green Cards through employment or through family reunification, each type of procedure has its own steps. The quickest way to move here is often the one through family reunification. However, the safest way is employment as it also guarantees a stable income.

Business investment is also a suitable option for UAE citizens interested in immigration to USA from Dubai, as the two countries have one thing in common and that is a large number of oil fields and the crude petroleum extraction sector.

No matter the type of visa you decide to apply for, our immigration lawyer in Miami can guide you through the application process.

Immigration steps for UAE citizens

Those who plan on moving to USA from Dubai must complete several steps that depend on the type of visa they apply for. These are:
  1. file the application form in accordance with the type of visa solicited;
  2. wait for the visa application to be processed and approved;
  3. wait for the visa interview to be scheduled;
  4. obtain the visa and relocate to the US.

If you want to immigrate to US from UAE, you need to make sure your passport has at least a one-year validity period before starting the relocation procedure. We remind you that you can rely on our Miami immigration lawyers for guidance in making all preparations for a quick move.

Moving to USA from Dubai is not complicated, however, it requires a lot of attention before and during the application process.

What to do after immigrating to USA from Dubai

Moving from one country to another implies finding a place to stay and employment (for those who do not have relatives in the US) and then once arrived in the country, registering with the local authorities, which imply the local tax office and the National Healthcare System.

Our lawyers in Miami can also offer post-relocation services and can guide UAE citizens in making the necessary arrangements after moving here from Dubai.

Also, when the time comes, visa renewal services are available for those who need them. We can also assist those interested in moving to USA from UAE by applying directly for a Green Card.
You can benefit from the support of our lawyers no matter the country you come from.

We are at your service if you plan to move to US from Canada.

Economic relations between USA and UAE

The USA and UAE have strong economic ties due to the oil extraction industry, however, these extend beyond this sector. According to recent data:
  • the trade surplus between the USA and the UAE in 2020 was 11.68 billion USD;
  • this was the 4th largest trade surplus at a global level;
  • the UAE is USA’s largest export market in the Middle East with a total value of 15 billion USD in 2020;
  • there are also more than 1,500 with operations in the UAE, most of them operating in the oil industry, but also food and beverages;
  • the UAE has trading relationships with each American state.

If you are interested in moving to USA from Dubai and need information, please contact our immigration law firm in Miami for tailored guidance. Our team can help you get the right type of visa for your case, including the spouse visa for US.