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Immigration Attorneys in Miami

Persons living in United States of America (USA) who are interested in receiving their citizenship here, or those interested in moving permanently in USA, Miami, should know that this process may take some time in order to be fulfilled. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers can provide you with the legal framework under which your particular case can be handled, according to the American legislation

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Services provided by the immigration lawyers in Miami 

Our immigration attorneys in Miami can provide you a wide range of services, related to the immigration and citizenship legislation. Although it is not compulsory to hire a lawyer when applying for a visa or for American citizenship, it is recommended to receive legal advice; our Miami immigration lawyers can analyze your case and recommend the most suited option; they can also verify if the documentation for immigration or citizenship is faulty and they can also represent you in an court, if it may be needed. 

 Our immigration lawyers can provide you with assistance in the following situations: 

•    Employment immigration – the Green Card is issued under the Immigration and Nationality Act are divided into 5 categories, which are awarded according to the level of expertise of the applicants; our immigration attorneys can help you receive your labor certification, issued by the U.S. Department of Labor.

•    Green card issued for marriage purposes - available for persons who are seeking to relocate to USA and who are married to an American citizen. The USA legislation provides two types of marriage Green Card, related to the legal status of the spouse living in USA (citizen/permanent resident).

•    H-1B visa – issued for highly qualified professionals; the process of receiving such a document may request the assistance of our immigration lawyers in Miami

•    Family immigration – the visa is issued for the family members (children with ages below 21 years old, spouse, adopted child, parents) of American citizens or permanent residents;

•    Citizenshipour immigration lawyers in Miami can help you through the naturalization process, as there are few stages which are compulsory and which require a set of documents;

•    Asylum – you can request for legal assistance from our team of immigration attorneys in Miami if you are seeking for refugee or political asylum;

•    Deportation defense our immigration lawyers in Miami can act on your behalf if you are involved in a deportation case, but you should know that there are several situations in which legal defense is allowed under the American legislation.  

If you need further information on the immigration services provided in USA, please contact our team of immigration attorneys in Miami for consultations. 

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