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Updated on Friday 12th March 2021

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The United States and Australia are two of the largest and most important economies in the world, however, these are not the only things they have in common. Their populations are also English speaking which makes relocation from one country to the other quite easily.

People who want to move to USA from Australia can apply for various visas and immigration permits under which they can live temporarily or permanently.

If you want to immigrate to the USA from Australia, our immigration lawyers in Miami are at your service no matter the type of visa you want to apply for.

Immigrant and non-immigrant visas for Australian citizens

There are two important categories under which people can move to USA from Australia. These are the non-immigrant and immigrant visas. While the first type allows for visits or temporary relocation, the second one enables foreign citizens to obtain a Green Card.

No matter the type of visa one decides for, our immigration lawyer in Miami can explain all the details associated with the requirements for each of them. We will also support those interested in applying for immigrant or non-immigrant visas for USA

Immigrant visas when moving to USA from Australia

Considering most citizens seek to move to USA from Australia for employment or for starting their own businesses, immigrant visas are the most requested with the US Consulate in Sydney.
The following types of immigrant visas can be solicited by Australian citizens immigrating to the United States:
  1. employment-related visas which come with the US Green Card,
  2. family reunification visas for Australian citizens married to US ones,
  3. fiancé visas are also available for those engaged to US citizens and who come to the US to get married,
  4. investor visa for Australian citizens who want to set up their own companies in the US,
  5. the Diversity Visa is another way through which Australian citizens can relocate to the United States.

If you want to immigrate to USA from Australia and need information about a specific type of visa, do not hesitate to inquire with our lawyers in Miami.

How to move to USA from Australia and obtain a Green Card

The Green Card is the equivalent of the residence permit in other countries, however, the main advantage granted by the US to those who want to relocate here from other countries is that they can obtain it directly under certain circumstances, by comparison to other countries where the procedure is lengthier.

This is one of the main reasons that immigrating to the United States is very appealing for citizens all around the world. 

Australian citizens who want to relocate to USA from Australia should know that there are two ways of obtaining a US Green Card directly:
  • through employment,
  • through family reunification.

For each type of immigration procedure, the requirements are different. No matter the way you plan to move to USA from Australia, our law firm in Miami is at your service with complete support.

Documents to prepare for immigration from Australia to the USA

The list of documents that need to be filed with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services depends on the type of visa sought by an Australian citizen. A valid passport alongside the application form followed by the scheduling of the visa interview. It should be noted that where an employment, fiancé, or spouse visa is applied for, a part of the immigration process must be completed from the sponsor in the United States.

In case of family reunification, the sponsor must also meet certain requirements, among which having an income that enables him/her to support him/herself and the Australian citizen coming to the US.

If you want to move to USA from Australia based on employment, you should know that the sponsor will be the company hiring the foreign citizens, a case in which the procedure is less complicated.

No matter the way you plan to relocate to USA from Australia, if you decide on Miami, our lawyers are at your service through the process before and after entering the country.

Statistics on immigration from Australia to the USA

Compared to other nationalities that of Australians is not a large one, yet people from this country live all over the world. According to the Australian Community in the USA, most of them live in New York, however:
  • there are also communities of Australians living in California, South Florida, Denver, Seattle, and Houston,
  • in 2019, the number of Australians entering the United States based on 3-months visas dropped by 2.54%,
  • however, there was a surge of 1.7% in terms of business visa entries for Australians,
  • at the level of 2020, there were 114,820 American citizens of Australian descent living in the US.

If you want to move to USA from Australia and need support, please contact our immigration lawyers in Miami.